Parish Happenings

Mercy In Action at Sacred Heart

“Do ordinary things with

extraordinary love” Mother Teresa

Saturday, October 14th

The Archdiocese of Detroit, Catholic Charities of Southeast Michigan is sponsoring a day of “Mercy in Action” Service Day on Saturday, October 14th. The day begins with a short prayer service, a continental breakfast and then the participants go to their service project. Each participant will receive a t-shirt from the Diocese.

This day will wrap up at 1:30 p.m. after lunch is served. We will close with a prayer service and a short evaluation of the day.

We are planning several service projects for children and adults. Please watch the Beam for details. We will have a sign-up genius for each project or you can call the Parish Office.  God bless,

Terry, Cheryl and Arthur

ALPHA’S COMING……….!  What is Alpha?

 An opportunity to explore life & the Christian faith in a friendly, open & informal atmosphere

No pressure.  No follow up.  No charge.

Alphas have three key parts: food, a talk and good conversation.  First there’s Food

Whether it’s a group of friends gathered around a kitchen table, or a quick catch-up over coffee and cake, food brings people together. It’s no different at Alpha. We start with food, because it’s a great way to encourage community and get to know each other.

Then a Talk

The talks (30 minute videos) are designed to engage and inspire conversation. They explore the big issues around faith, addressing questions such as: Who is Jesus? & How can we have faith? 

Followed by Discussion

The most important part of any Alpha is the chance to share thoughts and ideas on the topic in a small group. There’s no obligation to say anything. There’s nothing you can’t say. It’s an opportunity to hear from others and contribute your own perspective in an honest, friendly, open and non-judgmental environment.

Alpha is a powerful evangelization program:

  • 29 million people have experienced it.

  • There are 6,600 Alphas going on right now in 169 countries

  • It has been translated into 112 different languages.

  • It works.

Alpha will be the centerpiece of a long-term effort to revitalize our Parish using tools from Amazing Parish and Divine Renovation, two successful and well-structured processes.

The first Alpha program at Sacred Heart will kick off with the Parish Pastoral Council and Staff in mid-March. The first parish wide program will start in the fall followed by two to three 13 week sessions per year.    Come and see……….!

Bottom’s Up Diaper Drive

Sponsored by the Interfaith Council and participating Grosse Ile Churches

While the Diaper Drive is ongoing, the weekend of the first Sunday of the month is targeted to encourage parishioners to bring in diapers for families in need.

Since the first Sunday in October, Sacred Heart has donated more than 5000 diapers. These contributions help ensure that babies are well cared-for and care-givers are enabled to better support their families. Donation boxes are located in the Gathering Space and in the hallway of the Parish Office building. Monetary donations accepted. Make check out to “GIPC Bottoms Up Diaper Bank”

For more information, contact

Elaine 734-285-5468 or Katie 734-991-5391


Ronald McDonald House Fundraiser!

 The Ronald McDonald House is currently having a fundraiser collecting pop, beer and juice tabs. The money collected will be used for supplies. We will have a collection container in the Gathering Space and in the Parish Office.