Recycling at Sacred Heart, 3

Care for Creation Includes Responsible Disposal of
Electronics and Hazardous Waste,
Third in a Series

Green-Waste-Disposal-MethodSoon many of us will be starting to do spring cleaning which may include items in our households that can’t be safely disposed in our trash collections or recycling bins.  It is important to keep these out of our landfills and therefore out of our soil and water.

You can drop off used batteries at the Grosse Ile Hardware or retailers like Lowes’s and Home Depot any time.  But other items may have to wait for special collections like the Wayne County Hazardous Waste Collections scheduled periodically in the Downriver area.  They will take items such as paints, lawn chemicals, motor oil and gas, computer equipment, cell phones, standard and CFL lightbulbs, mercury thermometers, and more!

These collections are drop off events on Saturdays from 8am to 2pm this year including April 22 at the Romulus Civic Center,  June 10 at Henry Ford College, August 12 in Westland, and October 7 at WCCCD in Taylor.  They make it easy by setting it up as a drive through in the parking lots so you don’t even have to exit your car.

When you do the drop off, they also hand out a very comprehensive “Resource Recovery Guide” for your future reference (or download it from the website mentioned next).  Obtain drop off addresses and a detailed list of items they will accept or will not accept here:  Enter Hazardous Waste Collections in the Search box. We will also have a limited number of copies of the resource guide available in the parish office for those who do not have internet access.

Recycling questions or ideas, please contact Pat Bennett, 734-676-9488, or any other parish council member.

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