Sacred Heart Capital Campaign

Early in 2014, the newly established Building Committee discovered that our church building was no longer a safe place for us to worship.  In March, a small portion of the ceiling in the church collapsed.  This prompted further inspection into the ceiling and subsequently, the beautiful laminated wood beams supporting the church.

Beam 2 - most severe damage

After removing the layers of brick and metal that enclosed each of the beams, we discovered severe rotting in 4 of the 10 beams that support the church, moderate rotting in 4 more, and two beams with minor issues.  When we realized just how significant the damage was, we immediately moved out of the church and held all of our Masses and services in our gym until repairs were made.

The church was under construction for the remainder of the 2014 year and was deemed safe by our structural engineer one week before Christmas 2014. What a wonderful present we received, being able to worship the birth of Christ back in our beloved church.

Work is progressing on the areas of the church that caused the intial damage to the beam – leaking from the roof and windows and drainage around the church.  We are doing everything in our power to prevent this kind of damage in the future, however, the cost of beam repairs and the continuing work will total close to $885,000.

The Parish is embarking on a Capital Campaign to raise the funds to complete these repairs and we could use your help!  Please consider donating by using the “Donate” button above.