Catholic Services Appeal

June 17, 2014

Dear Sacred Heart Parishioner,

We have reached the half way point of our Catholic Services Appeal and I am happy to report that we have made the goal that the Archdiocese has set for us of $134,617. However, we are using the CSA as our fund raising campaign to bring in monies for the repair of our church that will eventually collapse if we do not make the necessary repairs. Many of you will remember that I asked at the beginning of this collection, when we realized the problems in the church building, that you might give or pledge double the amount that you would normally give. Some of you have done so which has helped us reach the first goal of $134,617, and I thank you for your generosity.

Now we need to raise another $200,000 so that we can fix the church. Any monies that you give to the CSA now will come back to the church without any money going to the Archdiocese. Normally when a parish has a fund raising campaign 7% would go to the Archdiocese. But if we keep it in the CSA campaign that 7% is not taken and 100% of monies over the diocesan goal comes back to the parish. The monies we raise will not affect next year’s CSA goal.

If you have not given to the CSA as yet, I pray that you consider doing so to help in repairing the church. If you have given but now can give more, I pray that you do so. Also, it is easy to pledge for the first time or to increase your original gift/pledge. Please see the form at the bottom of this letter to help you with your gift/pledge to the parish in fixing the beams of the church.

Fr. Mike Molnar