Financial Reports

Stewardship Contributions for  10-27 & 10/28

Sunday Collection:  $8,432.40
Electronic Contributions:  $1,041.00

Propagation of the Faith:  $340.00

All Saints:  $100.00

Envelopes Used:  202

Total Sunday Collection:  $9,473.41

Financial Report:

Capital Campaign 2015-2018

The results as of December 2017: $1,089,289 has been pledged and $1,045,751 has been paid so far. Over the three year pledge period, this allowed us to pay off all expenses related to the beam repairs and cover our 2015/2016 CSA requirement. It also leaves a small amount to cover some parish capital expenses that we deferred because of the building expenses for the church. I am very proud to be a part of such a strong community and thank you for such wonderful support.

Fr. Mike and our Building Committee at Sacred Heart