Parish Finance Council

The Parish Finance Council is a standalone council, distinct and separate from the Parish Pastoral Council and its Commissions. The Finance Council does not oversee the administration of the parish goods, but assists the pastor in his responsibilities. Parish Finance Council membership is by appointment of the pastor. The Parish Finance Council is to be seen as a necessary element of the pastor’s responsibility to administer the material resources of the parish efficiently, transparently and productively.
Our Parish Pastoral Council works for a unified vision of the Parish Mission and is the leadership body within the parish family. Its basic purpose is to set the broad direction for the parish and it promotes the unity of the parish.
Pastoral Council Members 2020-2021:
Ken Juip – Chairperson
Fr. Marc Gawronski – Pastor
Sue Biedlingmaier – Director of Finance & Administration
Gary Latendresse – Secretary/Member
Mark Gilroy – Member
Dennis O’Brien – Member
Gregg Zuccker – Member
Parish Finance Council Meeting Minutes
JULY 2020