Pastoral Council Members

The Parish Pastoral Council is to be sensitive to the movement of the spirit among God’s people, to work for a unified vision or general consensus among its members, and to help the whole parish to meet the challenge of being a church in the modern world.

The Parish Pastoral Council is meant to be neither a dictatorship, insensitive to the needs and concerns of the people, nor a democratic body, deciding by a plurality of one vote, the major direction of a Parish.

The Parish Pastoral Council is the leadership body within the Parish communion. Its basic purpose is to set the broad direction for the Parish. It safeguards and promotes the unity of the Parish family. A Parish Pastoral Council member cannot limit his or her concern to a particular neighborhood or a group of individuals or his/her own personal biases. Members of the Parish Pastoral Council will develop a broader vision in their Council experience by bringing together the views of all the parishioners, through their own discussion at Council meetings, through their closer working relationship with the Pastor and the Pastoral Staff of the parish, through prayer and through study/reflection/sharing.

In summary, the Parish Pastoral Council, as a leadership group cannot be limited in its action to the present views of parishioners. Nor can it afford to become an elite group with little or no regard for the feelings and views of the parishioners. The basic characteristic of leadership in a Christian communion is not power but service. The Parish Pastoral Council serves to assist the growth and development of the Parish as a people of faith.

Pastoral Council Contact List 2020-21