Recycling At Sacred Heart

Care for Creation Includes Recycling Common Items
First in a Series

recycle-logo2As stewards of creation, we are called to be proactive in protecting our environment and resources.  Accordingly, our parish council has launched an effort to increase recycling in our buildings and at our gatherings, and to reduce the amount of non-recyclable products used.   Paper has been transferred to the paper retriever bin (NO to cardboard or phone books but YES to shredded paper in plastic bags) in the parking lot for some time.  Also, real plates, cups, and silverware are being used at our breakfasts and dinners.  Helpers at these events will be collecting all recyclable items from tables (like water bottles and plastic cups).

Next, we are using up the remaining supplies of Styrofoam cups and take out containers, and purchasing more earth friendly alternatives.  Both the parish kitchen and staff kitchen will soon have recycle bins or bags to collect items like water bottles, cans, and cardboard.  Eventually we will probably have more collection bins or bags in other areas.  Parishioners can participate by only putting trash in waste baskets and dropping recyclables in any provided containers.  Also, think about how you can make an impact in your purchases and recycling at home, and talk about it with your families.

Since the parish recycles through the township recycling collection service, the same rules apply as in your island homes:  PLEASE RECYCLE paper, cardboard (don’t forget the toilet paper and paper towel tubes), plastics (#1-7), cans (aluminum, steel, and tin), and clear glass.  DO NOT INCLUDE: Styrofoam, wax coated cardboard, grocery or produce bags, and colored glass.  PLEASE SAVE grocery bags for the parish mat makers, or drop them off at local grocery stores, including Kroger, Meijer, Target, and Walmart.  Recycle plastic tablecloths and pizza boxes only if they are clean and free of food and grease (often you can recycle the box lid even if you have to discard the box bottom).

FUN FACT: Did you know plastic milk jugs can return as plastic lumber or picnic tables and newspapers can become egg cartons?

Recycling questions or ideas, please contact Pat Bennett, 734-676-9488, or any other parish council member.

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